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旅游英语作文 篇1

  Have been a travelling by train for about 3h, the journey was tiring. I arrived in our province's capital city-Nanning,a green city in south China.

  I met Mrs.Long,then she showed me around the downtown including Walmart,Xingning walking street,the bund,ect. There is a drinks machine in the street that offers passers by free drinkable water. They had the same thing in my city, but people used the water to wash their hands which ruined the machines. On the contrary, Ningningese tend to protect every piece of public property. When a little boy wanted to wash his hands, his mother stopped him immediately and told him," **,you should not use the water to wash your hands,the water is for drinking."

  In the evening I walked to see the Guangxi Peoples' Hall and Mendzhidao shopping mall. The next day,I cycled to Langdong new district where the Nanning international exhibition is located. The exhibition is built for CAEXPO. The bike broke during my way back,but a student from Guangxi University kindly gave me a lift. On the last day i got up early to go to Qingxiushan Park.There I enjoyed the scenery and prayed to the buddhas for my future.

旅游英语作文 篇2

  We bought a ticket, they sat on a long distance bus to Fuzhou, along the way beautiful and beautiful: tall and straight as the loyalty of the warrior stands in the roadside; birds flying freely in the sky, his mouth from time to time to send a pleasant song; In the white clouds of different shapes, some like mighty lions; some like clever little monkeys; some like a group of sheep in the sky walk. I do not feel the lunch time, we get off, they went to "McDonald's" to eat.

  After lunch, we came to the Fuzhou Zoo. "Look, the sea lion show began!" I cried. We barely put on a hillside and stood to watch. I saw a sea lion agile with the neck accurately set the trainers thrown out of the circle, and then climbed the stage, continuous beat their forelimbs, we met the sea lion that lovely look, can not help but laugh.

  After watching the sea lions show, we went to the north "monkey mountain" forward. We have gone for a long time, have not arrived yet. "How have not arrived - ah !!" I impatiently called up. "Come on," said the uncle. And went a long long road, we went to the "monkey mountain". A monkey comes back and forth between the tree and the tree. Especially the gibbon, hands holding the roots, feet swing, gibbon in the air to a three hundred and sixty degrees big circle, pedestrians met have applauded it, it seems like this, and continuous turn several Circle. We have a "monkey mountain", to the beast arena. The monkey "Three Musketeers", riding their own bike back and forth circle, antelope "snow", "the rookie" a tiger jumped the fire ring, won the audience's warm applause; And "Three Musketeers" boss "blowing snow" in the air to take the wire; bear couple for us to perform a bike chase, and won the audience applause. After watching the arena of the program, we will be reluctant to go home.

  Today, although I am very tired, very happy.

旅游英语作文 篇3

  This summer, I am excited with the mood, I came to the long-awaited "stuffed pearl" Ningxia.

  Just train, I was the beautiful scenery of Ningxia, fresh air, a strong national customs deeply attracted, so I can not forget the journey of fatigue and hard work.

  In Ningxia, I have visited the beautiful Shahu Lake, the mysterious Xixia Tombs, the ancient water ditch, recorded the origin of human civilization, Helan Mountain rock paintings ... ... in these attractions, the most memorable when the number of Zhongwei Shapo Head up.

  Shapotou's reputation I have heard, Sure enough, just came here, the front of the scenery will be deeply shocked me - nature with his gods will be four kinds of unrelated landform cleverly integrated in the Together, a glimpse of the marginal Tengger desert, the rapids of the Yellow River water, into the film of the oasis and rolling mountains and rivers each other, with each other, as a magnificent picture slowly show in front of me, this picture is both northwest The magnificent scenery, and Jiangnan scenery of the beautiful, can not help people indulge in pleasures without stop.

  Play camel head camel is not to be missed. When I ride a camel, wandering among the rolling sea, the melodious camel ring accompanied by wild, sunset, long river, solitary smoke, a kind of overflowing feeling quickly spread in the chest, no wonder the Tang Dynasty The great poet Wang Wei in the tour Shapotou left behind the "desert solitary smoke straight, long river off the yen," the ancient words.

  Under the camel we also take the yacht through the Yellow River, came to the hinterland of Shapotou. Here, I was surprised to find that the sand here is very fine, the particles are only about one-tenth of the sand, readily grabbed one, do not deliberately to Yang, open hand, the moment will be flying with the wind No trace without a trace. If you can stop and breathe in the breeze, you will hear a strange buzz, fine down, this is the Shapotou a must - Jinsha Ming bell. No wonder the local spread of Ningxia "Ningxia return do not see the sand" proverb it

  In the desert, the most touched me to stimulate the number of "desert showers", and take the desert off-road vehicles, in the endless desert in the wantonly Mercedes-Benz, kept leaping, from time to time will be across a very steep Shapo, wherever he goes, always bursts of screams, people feel as if in the desert ride roller coaster general stimulation.

  After that, we also take the taste of Shapotou another must - sheepskin raft. Six pieces from the gas full of tung oil leaching tung oil is divided into four groups before and after the row together, the top of the installation of the wooden frame, the tourists sit directly above the wooden frame, the Yellow River water floating, enjoy the coastal beauty, that return The feeling of the original nature of the original ecstatic.

  Ningxia charming scenery makes me unforgettable, I love the beautiful Ningxia

旅游英语作文 篇4

  Last summer vacation,my family and I went to Qingdao by train.There was always sunshine and fresh air,which made us so comfortable.We went to the seaside,the sea was as blue as the sky,and bathing in the sunshine on the beach, was really an enjoyable thing.I also picked up a lot of colorful shells with my little sister.

  There we bought many interesting souvenirs,I was planing to send them to my friends.We ate many tings there,such as fish,prawn,and so on.They are very delicious.

  Then we lived in a clean and tidy hotel,and the price was not so expensive.I like Qingdao very much,and if I got a chance,I hope to come here again,it is such a beautiful and interesting place.




旅游英语作文 篇5

  It is exciting to visit different places. As you travel, you will see beautiful sceneries typical of the region. Besides, you can meet and make friends with people of different colors and races. Finally, you can get to know the customs and living habits of the local people. Today people are so fond of travelling that tourism has become one of the faster growing industries in most countries.

  The main reason why people travel is, perhaps, for pleasure. For example, having worked hard throughout the weekdays, people will find a widened trip to the nearby mountains or beaches a real relaxation. For another example, spending an annual holiday travelling abroad is an especially satisfying experience for those who do not have much of an opportunity to be away from their homelands. When people return from their travel, they will generally feel fresh and energetic, ready to work harder.

  Travelling is also one of the best means for learning. You may have read or heard about something but you can never get an accurate picture of it until you see it for yourself. Seeing is believing. Furthermore, if you area careful observer, you can learn much during your travel about the geography, biology, and history of the places you visit. No matter how well educated you are, there is always a lot for you to learn through travelling. The knowledge acquired from travel, as you will have found in your life, is no less valuable than that from any influential reference book.




  欢迎参加夏令营 Welcome to summer camp.

  假设你叫李华,你的加拿大笔友James 想了解一下你参加全国中学生英语夏令营的有关信息,请你根据下面的海报给他写一封信,谈谈有关情况和活动意义,并邀请他参加你们的活动。

旅游英语作文 篇6

  My father and I together on a plane to the Inner Mongolia hailar tourism.

  The second day morning, we together the bus came to the west mountain national forest park to see mongolica. Mongolica thin, long, like a soldier came to stand up straight. In the afternoon, we took the bus to visit the hulun buir prairie.

  We took to the prairie, the hospitable mongols and served dad to dismount wine, this is the Mongolian people greeter custom. Dad in the form of the mongols, happily drank the whole bowl dismount wine, then we'll eat with relish the grilled meat.

  Finished eating grilled meat, we went to ride a horse to ride a horse, to prairie next to the river to look for the mouse.

  On the third day morning, we took the bus to visit the most beautiful wetland of Asia's largest - root river wetland. There scenery, one of the most famous attractions is the horseshoe island.

  Legend, one day, a great genghis khan tiemuzhen rode his horse in a leisurely stroll. All of a sudden, a tiger to tiemuzhen, his horse leap, away from the tiger's attack.

  It drops the footprints of gradually formed a small island, is the water chestnut island.This is the place where I play in hailar, let me linger!







旅游英语作文 篇7

  During the summer vacation, my mom and Dad took me, and Wesley, and went to Yunnan for a happy week.

  Yunnan is the southwest frontier place, beautiful scenery spectacular, make me greatly. Yunnan is home to 25 ethnic minorities, the Naxi Dongba culture, culture of Dali Bai, Dai Pui page culture, Yi culture, have fascinated me.

  Arrives at the first station in Yunnan, we came to the spring city Kunming. Kunming is located in the middle of Yunnan Province, surrounded by mountains on all sides. "The weather is often like February and March, the flowers bloom four - hour spring", which is a beautiful city. We go to the famous stone forest and Jiuxiang scenic area.

  The famous stone forest was formed in 2. 700 million years ago, Karst was the main landscape and was called "the essence of the world Karst". We enter the scenic area, found some stone like Ashima, like some of the stone elephant, and stone like a little mouse, fully aware of the nature of the extraordinary as if done by the spirits raises as the acme of perfection.

  Jiuxiang scenic areas left a deep impression on me, it was a cave group as the main attractions, with hundreds of the size of the cave, as the largest, the largest number, the most peculiar cave cave landscape community system, by experts as the "karst museum". The folk saying: "Jiuxiang Cave ninety-nine, the whole white head", thus remarkable. Caves are a variety of stalactites, some like a fairy, some like the tree, as well as the Dazhu bamboo, very wonderful.

  We also tasted the bridge rice line in Kunming and watched the singing and dancing performances of the minority nationalities and had a memorable time.

旅游英语作文 篇8

  Last winter holiday, I went to Harbin with my mother.

  It s very cold in winter. There is snow and ice everywhere and you are always in a white world. You must wear warm clothes. The most exciting thing is playing with snow. Skating is also very interesting there.

  I will always remember Harbin, for the snow, the ice and all the beautiful things. I love Harbin.





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