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我的家乡英语作文 篇1

  Having a good night's sleep at grandma's house is definitely the best time to get up in the morning. I opened my sleep meng's eyes, big had a stretch, casual to took a glance outside the window, but I felt very comfortable: see, the green fields like wool blankets, seem very soft. There are dozens of muddy paths in the field, separated by large peanut leaves.

  There are several apricot trees along the edge of the field, and the yellow apricot trees are full of trees. The morning dew sticks to the apricot, which makes it look lovely and inviting. From time to time, a few fat sparrows were coming, and standing in the trees, chirping and whispering to each other; Or one or two big black birds, "woah, wow," and fly to the distance; Because of several nearby streams and ponds, also often have egrets pass by, so they are flapping wing of the white clean, gracefully and rest a while in the field, or fly directly to the side of the stream of fish to eat.

  What a beautiful view! I kicked my slippers and walked slowly up to the field. The smell of incense came to me, I was intoxicated, I can not help holding a side of the MM and JJ, dancing. We whirled around in the field like a tornado, and the mud was whirling around and we were surrounded by mud...

  In the afternoon, I first saw the sunset glow. Oh, that was a masterpiece of nature! The exotic glow of the glow of the earth, the cunning cloud, stole the sun's gold gauze, triumphantly rode in the wind driven carriage, into the sunset clouds to show off their charm. The bright sunset clouds, like the red rose with crystal clear dew, open with enthusiasm; Like a girl's bashful face, full of blush; Like a girl's clothes, light and floating... It has red, yellow and purple colors, and sometimes it is a lovely red scarf, and sometimes it is a red mane horse with sprinted feet.

  Beautiful home, beautiful green field, I - love - you.

我的家乡英语作文 篇2

  I was born in a beautiful city. It is Dalian.I have lived here for twelve years, and I love her.The whole city looks like a huge garden because we can see flowers everywhere.


  In spring, the weather is always fine.After a rain, a beautiful rainbow appears in the sky.I like to ride my bike to see the beautiful sight.In fact, my city is beautiful all around the year.During the summer vacation, I always swim in the blue sea and read the poem on the beach.


  I like Dalian. It is as pretty as a wonderland.


我的家乡英语作文 篇3

  Walk in nanchong streets, everywhere all GuoKui cooked food store, each square founder of baked wheat cake unity is pockmarked face, simple and honest to await on one side, not with stunt the fancy snacks, plus due to not do now, so there is no hot eye to attract customers.

  I was a northerner, remember that early to nanchong during that time, my friend took me to the little GuoKui stand by the road, for the first time I met this ugly "cake" is called GuoKui, then GuoKui no approach is novel, now seemed to draw lessons from the form of meat clip buns, each square baked wheat cake is split into two and a half, bottom row not scattered, do GuoKui old lady at the edge of the bottom of a coal stove, and methodically, side to wipe on a handful of chopped green onion and minced meat, then Noah furnace cover, briquette flourishing at the bottom of the flash furnace, put a few baked wheat cake hearth with flame roasting, less than a minute can be released. The whole process is a simple baked pastry, completely clean, with no oily water, and there's not much stuffing in it. I took it from the old lady's black pliers, but I did not dare to enter, thinking that such food was not a compliment. My friend seemed to see my thoughts and said with a smile, "what? Afraid to eat? You don't want to look at it, and it's easy to do, but it's a thousand years old. Legends of tang dynasty officers and soldiers in the qian tomb built in the wu zetian, due to the enormous project, all the migrant workers, are very busy and hardly have time to eat cooked food difficulties, so the officers and men in helmets for cookware to flipping bread, so named 'GuoKui'." After listening to his friend's introduction, he suddenly developed an interest in the little cookie and put it in his mouth without hesitation. Although some dry feeling, but the taste is special, "kacha, kacha" sound, crispy delicious, the inside of the meat stuffing, though poor, but the taste is full-bodied sweet alcohol, its fragrance is not away suddenly understand the tease out people's sense of smell, but one in chewing agitate the taste buds, with rural amorous feelings, drinking was feeding coarse Michael solid feeling.

  That's how I changed my mind about the "pot helmet" and fell in love with it. In the past few years, nanchong snacks can be full of variety and variety, but the cooker is as the signature snack of nanchong is popular. Invariable or that kind of approach and process, the only change is the roadside stalls selling GuoKui less, more and more become the scale, have appearance unified management GuoKui monopoly chain, GuoKui mixed fillings are also many, taste to a flowers, also have no set pattern, feel very fresh, can clip bean jelly, bean sprouts, such as cucumber salad dishes, also can clip shredded meat, meat, pork, such as ear piece of meat. Making GuoKui also is no longer the old lady, turned out to be dressed in overalls and head Dai Weisheng cap waiter, according to the needs of customers into GuoKui stuffed with all kinds of fat stir-fries, politely handed it to the customer from the glass window. Its taste is more rich than before, mainly hemp, hot, hot cold, hard and soft hybrid is given priority to, eat a bite, the first is GuoKui chewed the crunchy sounds in your mouth, continue to bite, eat the linen and spicy meat stuffing, don't mention how beautiful the taste.

  Nanchong's cooking style is quiet and simple, the style is different, the taste is changed, the people salivating, the changeless, it is the local amorous feelings that these boiler helmet has the street, is the perfect witness of the long history of nanchong.

我的家乡英语作文 篇4

  Hometown is the place where a person belongs. Chinese people have special feelings about their hometown. No matter where they go, they won’t abandon it and always make some time to visit. My hometown brings me so many happy memories and I wish it could keep its original face forever.


  Two years ago, I lived in my hometown. It is a small village, so people there get familiar with each other. When we walked on the country road, everyone smiled when we saw each other. There was no distance for us. In the daytime, I liked to go boating in the small river with my friends, or sometimes I could catch fish. The green trees around me and I could hear the birds singing all the time. It was a paradise for me.


  However, even the small paradise can’t avoid being polluted seriously. The environment is no more clean, the river becomes smaller and the water is so dirty. When I see this, I feel so pity. If we lose the clean land, how can we survive for long. Protecting the environment is in need.


我的家乡英语作文 篇5




  (1) 家乡的地理位置;

  (2) 解放前的情况;

  (3) 解放后的变化;

  (4) 对家乡的感情。


  My Home Town


  My home town is a beautiful place. It stands beside a wide river and is rich in fish and rice.


  But in the old days it was a poor and backward little town. Many people had no work. They lived a hard life.


  In 1949 my hometown was liberated. Since then great changes have taken place there. The streets have been widened. Factories, schools, hospitals, cinemas and theatres have sprung up one after another. The life of the people is greatly improved.


  I love my hometown. All the more I love its people. They are working hard so as to make it still richer and more beautiful.


我的家乡英语作文 篇6

  I visited the north street, which witnessed the rise and fall of history, and swam across the river, and walked past the embankment of the han river.

  Yu liang chau has sung a great word, in the temple of meters to enjoy the stroke of a stroke; On mount shan, I have seen a monument of tears and a martyr's tower.

  The products in the bright and bright market are full of beautiful products, and the factories of the second automobile industry are everywhere, and dongjin new town project is changing rapidly. New rural reform in the old appearance;

  Eat the snack of the earthy soil, the old yellow wine with the bold and vigorous spirit, and say the unique native land word, singing the folkloric folk song of that catchy;

  Where is this? This is xiangyang -- the xiangyang city of xiangyang.

  No envy, no envy, only wish to be in this city. This is a mountain city, this is a water city, this is also a river city, this, is more an ancient civilization and modern civilization blend modern metropolis. The city of xiangyang, which is dominated by grey, is endowed with a history of stable atmosphere, which is more carrying on the freshness and bright youth. The characteristic of the city is the accumulation of historical accumulation and cultural civilization.

  For more than two thousand years, the history of the city, the rise and fall of more than ten dynasties, accompanied by this city, was the old and mottled old city wall, and the constant stream of the han river, and the industrious xiangyang of the generation. A river of water drew the city away. The city of fan cheng on the north side of jiangbei has the historical relics, the footprints of the literati and the modern civilization, and the busy market of the traffic. The city of xiangcheng on the south side of the Yangtze river has been writing about history: the ancient city walls standing still, the towers of the mighty atmosphere, and the green stone tablets that have been left behind. It's more of a modern civilization.

  One side of the landscape education. Xiangyang is located in central plains, and xiangyang people are both fierce and gentle in the north and gentle and careful in the south. In the vast northwest of ewest, they are resourceful, brave, kind, affectionate and gentle. With diligence and wisdom, they explored the earth of xiangyang and their dreams. In the hot new district of dongjin, the two auto cities of the talented people, the booming new countryside in the old looks and new looks... This is xiangyang's dream.

  A country, a city is made up of individual people, she is created by these people, and decides. The construction of xiangyang city also includes the people who live in this city for generations. The site of the shang and zhou dynasty opened a new era. The war land of The Three Kingdoms period, let this ancient city be prosperous; Zhuge liang's "the right of longzhong" changed the history of that period; The cultural resort of the tang and song dynasties tells the voices of the poets. The traffic fort during the Ming and qing dynasties, expressing the prosperity and prosperity of that history; The founding of xiangyang of the republic of China, laid down the overall victory of the battle of the south. Although not that long capitals in xian, also does not have the city elegant, nor to the prosperous Shanghai, guangzhou and other cities, but he has a long history and civilization, he has his rapid rise of modernization. "A river of water through the city, ten li of the mountain half into the city", fully and image of the city of xiangyang city of the geographical and humanistic image.

  In this ancient civilization, there are many cities with history, such as xiangyang city, which has long been unrecognized in this ancient country, and this city is in decline. Wuhan, a city with a short history of construction, but because of the high school, the land and land transportation facilities, the economic development rapidly, and the seat of the provincial capital; The second largest city in the province with a long history of xiangyang has been out of sight. The "xiangyang dream", which has been rooted in this city for thousands of years, has not been well managed in our generation, so that it will soon end his continuance, even to be extinguished. As a xiangyang, the inheritance of our forefathers cannot be interrupted by the hands of our generation. It is our duty to make this dream more prosperous. The strong support of the municipal government, the hard work of the people, will only make the city more attractive, and face the country, face the world and face the future with a thriving posture.

我的家乡英语作文 篇7

  Wanroll is the place where the famous historian of the western jin dynasty, Chen shou, the author of The Three Kingdoms, studied and studied in the age of youth. Located in the xishan scenic area of nanchong city. It was built in the year of jianxing of The Three Kingdoms (222-237). According to ancient books: there are mountains in the west, and there are thousands of outstanding. It is built on the rocks and is a three - eaves type of wooden stone structure, flying eaves, magnificent. In the tang dynasty, the temple was built in front of the building. Surrounded by lush green and green bamboo, it is a beautiful landscape painting. It was destroyed in the 1960s because of the disrepair. Existing Wan Juanlou in 1990 built by the government spent 4 million yuan to recover heavy, it is composed of Chen shou, Chen shou memorial hall, library, reading floor relies on the mountain and stand, imposing manner, colorful, building area of 2400 square meters. Zhao park, vice chairman of the Chinese calligrapher's association and President of the buddhist association of China, wrote a 4.7-meter-long, 1.8-meter-tall gold plaque with a gold inscription. Standing in the center of the wan rolling courtyard, the bronze statue of Chen shou, who is 5 meters high and weighs 1 ton, is lifelike, with a bamboo tube in his hands and a beautiful spirit. Memorial hall in the display of the reflection and a large number of text, graphics, tables, photographs, physical data, detailed introduces the Chen shou rough experience, historical books and their influence on later generations. The six painted paintings of The Three Kingdoms are The Three Kingdoms of The Three Kingdoms, which is one of the best in China. North-south corridor hin in the romance of The Three Kingdoms story line of content of rubbings of han dynasty carved murals, and various calligraphy masters for Wan Juanlou creation of painting and calligraphy couplet, to tourists praise, like The Three Kingdoms. Chen shou Wan Juanlou display is very rich in content, and artistic, academic, historical, and sex is an organic whole, to study and carry forward The Three Kingdoms culture, promote The Three Kingdoms culture and world culture communication, a positive role in promoting.

我的家乡英语作文 篇8

  my home town is a beautiful place. it stands beside a wide river and is rich in fish and rice.

  but in the old days it was a poor and backward little town. many people had no work. they lived a hard life.in 1949 my hometown was liberated. since then great changes have taken place there. the streets have been widened. factories, schools, hospitals, cinemas and theatres have sprung up one after another. the life of the people is greatly improved.

  I love my hometown. all the more i love its people. they are working hard so as to make it still richer and more beautiful.

我的家乡英语作文 篇9

  My hometown is Guiyang, a small city in Southwest China, surrounded by rolling green mountains. A river runs through it, with locust trees lining along both banks. In Spring the locust trees all blossom at the same time, spreading the delicate fragrance all around the city. In Summer there will be little boats floating on the river, the laughter of children resonating with the sound of the running water.

  I was born and grew up in the city, and I'm very affectionate to it. It rains a lot, but the climate is very mild, neither too cold nor too hot throughout the year. It is small and not very prosperous, but people there are warm-hearted and straightforward. The life pace there is slow and peaceful. It's a good place for spending hot summer days.

  That is my hometown. I love her deeply from the bottom of my heart.

我的家乡英语作文 篇10

  My hometown is very beautiful, people want to stay here forever. Get up every morning, we can see the smoke-filled lake, the sun shines on the top, the sparkling shine. In my hometown, the most beautiful autumn. Every autumn, the maple leaf has become its mainstream. Fruit trees in front of the dolphin family but also to bear the full fruit. I love home.


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