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动物的英语作文 篇1

  When it comes to the topic of keeping pets, some may think it is a waste of both time and money; some people, may find it is a great joy. As for me, I hold that keeping pets can bring me happiness.

  Firstly, keeping pets can keep us company when we feel lonely. As we know that it is impossible for us to stay with others all the time, and sometimes we have to stay all by ourselves. At this time we may feel lonely, if you have a pet, it will help to keep company with you. You can play with your pet and regard it as your friend.

  Secondly, keeping pets makes our world more harmonious. Animals are good friends to us human beings; it will make our world more harmonious to build friendship with them.

  Last but not least, keeping pets makes us more patience. Animal needs careful cares, and we need bath them, feed them and take them out every day, which is time consuming. If we have a pet and can do that every day, we will become more patient.

  In a word, keeping pets can keep us company, make our world more harmonious and make us more patient, so I think it is a great for us to keep pets.

动物的英语作文 篇2

  Last weekend,I saw some monkeys in the zoo.I like them very much.They are very interesting and very clever.There are an old monkey in the tree.Many other monkeys like to follow it.Sometimes they climbed up the tree ,and sometimes they play in the ground.But they look very happy.Oh,sometimes they talk to each other Oh,look.they are play games there.They are like the children.I like the monkeys.they're my good friends.


动物的英语作文 篇3

  In ‘Zootopia,’ an Intrepid Bunny Chases Her Dreams


  Easter is still weeks away, but pet stores may find that the added demand for rabbits the holiday brings will come early this year thanks to the irresistible “Zootopia,” an animated movie with an intrepid bunny named Judy Hopps at its core. Her fox sidekick, Nick Wilde, is mighty enjoyable, too.

  复活节还有几个星期才会到来,但是在宠物店里,今年对节日兔子的需求来得格外早,都是由于魅力无穷的动画电影《疯狂动物城》(Zootopia),影片主角是一只勇敢的兔子,名叫朱迪·霍普斯(Judy Hopps)。她的狐狸搭档尼克·王尔德(Nick Wilde)也非常可爱。

  This film, action-packed and filled with enough savvy jokes that adults should consider slipping into the theater even if they don’t have an accompanying child, is set in a world where animals have transcended the carnivore-and-prey dichotomy and now live together more or less harmoniously.


  Judy (the voice of Ginnifer Goodwin of “Once Upon a Time”), a country bunny, wants to become the first rabbit police officer in the bustling metropolis of Zootopia, but her parents are not exactly the follow-your-dreams type.

  朱迪由《童话镇》(Once Upon a Time)里的金妮弗·古德温(Ginnifer Goodwin)配音,她是一只来自乡村的`兔子,想成为疯狂动物城大都会里的第一个兔警官,但她的父母并不是支持子女梦想的类型。

  “If you don’t try anything new, you’ll never fail,” her father (Don Lake) tells her. It’s a gag that encapsulates one of the best things about this film: It trusts young viewers to recognize the clichés they’ve been fed by other animated movies over the years and to appreciate seeing them subverted.

  “如果你不尝试新鲜事物,就永远不会失败,”她的父亲(唐·雷克[Don Lake]配音)告诉她。这句话可以概括整部影片最精彩的部分:它让年轻观众回想起,多年来他们在其他动画片里听到的陈词滥调,并且开始从颠覆的角度看待它们。

  Judy graduates from the police academy and ends up on the force in Zootopia, but her boss (Idris Elba) relegates her to parking-ticket duty while more experienced officers investigate 14 missing-mammal cases. While obsessively writing tickets, Judy meets Nick (Jason Bateman), a world-weary hustler who slowly becomes her friend and adviser as she pokes her nose into the missing-mammal epidemic despite her boss’s resistance.

  朱迪从警官学校毕业后,来到疯狂动物城服役,但她的上司(伊德里斯·艾尔巴[Idris Elba]配音)派她去开停车罚单,更有经验的警官们择取调查14只哺乳动物失踪案。朱迪着迷地开着罚单时,遇到了尼克(杰森·贝特曼[Jason Bateman]配音),一个厌世的骗子,他俩慢慢成了朋友,朱迪不顾上司阻挠,开始调查这起猖獗的哺乳动物失踪案,尼克成了朱迪的顾问。

  If you’ve seen the trailer for this delightful movie you’ve already had a taste of what might be the greatest takedown of bureaucratic ineptitude ever filmed. It involves a trip by Judy and Nick to the Department of Motor Vehicles, with its all-sloth staff. In the context of children’s movies, it’s a fairly daring scene, since in an otherwise fast-moving story the joke takes a loooong time to roll out. But it sure is worth it.


  Anyway, Judy learns some hard truths as she delves deeper into the mystery, and young viewers will, too. Chief among those is one adults know well: Being civilized doesn’t mean tension and ugly thoughts disappear. Also, bringing about positive change isn’t as easy as it seems.


  “I came here to make the world a better place,” Judy laments after her good intentions backfire, “but I think I broke it.”


  Funny, smart, thought-provoking — and musical, too. Shakira provides the voice of a pop star named Gazelle, and her vocals complete the package appealingly.


  “Zootopia” is rated PG (Parental guidance suggested) for gently rude humor and occasional scariness. Running time: 1 hour 48 minutes.


动物的英语作文 篇4

  What animal do you like best ?Is it elephant ?Or tiger ?But my favorite animal is monkey 。 Because they have the yellow skin,a big mouth ,a small nose,and two big eyes 。They climb trees quickly ,and they can pick bananas or apples 。I think they are very lovely and interesting!

  So I hope you to like them ,too 。



动物的英语作文 篇5



  The wolf is similar to wolfdog in the appearance, but its muzzle is slightly long and pointed, its mouth slightly wide, its ears erected. Its tail goes straight drooping and its fur is in brown gray. The wolf has a strong adaptability and inhabits a wide range of environments, like mountains, forests, grasslands, deserts, semi-deserts and even tundra. The wolf is a nocturnal animal which is both heat-resistant and cold-resistant. With a keen sense of smell and hearing, the wolf is cruel and alert. It is also a very good runner, which often preys by incessant running. As a omnivorous animal, the wolf mainly feeds on deer, antelope, rabbits, and sometimes insects, berries, or the forage of pigs and sheep, etc. It can stand both hunger and overeating. The species are widely distributed in density in the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau.


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