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动物的英语作文 篇1


  My favorite little animal rabbit, it has a snow-white fur, very cute to see the play. Her eyes were red, and the play was like a pair of red stones. Glistening. Every morning the rabbit to eat a carrot, two leaves, it is full.


  Every day I studied at noon. As soon as I got home, it bounced up and down in front of me, as if to say, "welcome home.". I see it every day, and even if I'm unhappy, I'll be glad to see him. Forget all the unhappy things.


  Once again, my classmate came to my house, and it ran to me as usual. My classmate saw it and she said, "your little rabbit is so cute!"! When I got home, I asked my father to buy me a rabbit."


  In this way, I like my little rabbit more and more. I must take good care of it!

动物的英语作文 篇2







  The world people love, some people love gentle cats, some people love cute dog, there are people who love...... Of course, I also have their own love, it is a small turtle.

  The little turtle can come to our home for a long time, is when my mother bought, then only palm so big, now a lot of long, like a bowl. We have four stay together morning and night for five years, I love it very much.

  The little turtle had green, like a jade carving out, very delicate. On both sides of the head has a pair of black bean like small eyes, bright crystal very divine. Behind its eyes, there was a pair of small ears that were not easy to see. Below is a triangle's mouth. The small tortoise has a sharp small tail, strong four feet, long toenails on his feet, and webbed between the toes. Its shell is divided into polygonal blocks, each of which has a pattern of patterns, and together to form a beautiful pattern, very strong. The most characteristic is that it has a pattern under the stomach, and it is "back". It looks like an ancient shield, very chic.

  At ordinary times, small tortoises often lie on the bottom of the water to rest, a lazy look. But if there is a little movement, it will be panicked, with his head, limbs and tail in its shell, like a small football. When I feed the turtle to feed it, it will also move. Turtle food not into the water, it can't wait, head out so far, swim, when turtle food into the water, a small turtle with a foot lightly, then smell a fragrance, then Dakoutaikou chewing up. After the meal, it began to play, in a few moments in the water to stir up a few flowers, and then into the sand in the bottom of the water to catch and hide.

  Small turtles are particularly hygienic. One day, because I was in a hurry to go to school, I forgot to exchange water for it, I rushed home and rushed to the fish bowl, only to see the tortoise gathered together. I was happy and touched it gently. It looked at me with a crooked head, as if saying, "I'm cleaning up, what are you doing?" It's really fun.

  I really like my cute little tortoise, we spent a lot of good time together.

动物的英语作文 篇3

  On Wednesday, a sunny, I am cheerful mood and partners in the teacher led down the zoo visit.

  We just go into the zoo attracted by a burst of applause in the past. Follow the applause, we went to HouYuan, there was a sea of people, and we squeeze some time to see the monkeys. Those monkeys looks too interesting, mostly with a long brown hair, a face like a heart-shaped, small eyes, like peanuts, and a clever long tail; More interesting is their action, some monkeys in the trees, some in to another monkey monkey tickling, and the monkey is swinging in the tree; I will be in the hands of peanut threw a inside, see those monkeys like arrow immediately rushed over, a clever little monkey grabbed peanuts in confusion, with two dexterous hand fast break peanuts, taste with relish.

  Greets me after a colorful peony parrot, it's head like a dazzling sapphire, glittered in the sun, wearing a green armor, it's really beautiful! Then I heard the birds melodious songs, really made me relaxed and happy. Alive then, I saw only a kangaroo in a small house to play, finally let me sit up and take notice is the big baboon, eldest brother elder brothers give it food grade five, my brother throw not shelled peanut, baboon break does not open, with the hand to peanuts, rub, rub on the ground, the skylight, finally put the peanut peeling, baboon carefully taste the delicious peanuts, how delicious! The most I have a special liking to the peacock, a male peacock wearing blue crown, wearing coloured "small jacket", her nose up one, like a "big broom", really made my amazing, so beautiful, wow! I excitedly cried: "look, the peacock." Open slowly, the peacock's tail, a fan, a fan, like a fairy in dance, feather on the spot like small eyes, against the background of the sun is very bright, peacock slowly rolling, show its charm, and a squeaking sound, "it's really like a fairy!" I love not himself commended.

  Time passed in a hurry, it's back to school, we are reluctant to leave the zoo, everything here is so beautiful, so we regretted leaving.



  之后,映入我眼帘的是一只五颜六色的牡丹鹦鹉,它的头顶像一颗璀璨的蓝宝石,在阳光的照耀下闪闪发光,身披“绿铠甲”,可真美!然后我听到了鸟儿悦耳的鸣叫声,真是令我心旷神怡。接着,我看到一只只活蹦乱跳的袋鼠在小房子里尽情的玩耍,最后让我刮目相看的是阿拉伯大狒狒,五年级的大哥哥们给它丢食物,哥哥把没剥壳的花生扔进去,狒狒用手掰不开,便把花生在地上搓呀搓,费了九牛二虎之力,终于把花生剥开了,狒狒细细地品尝可口的花生,多好吃呀! 最令我情有独钟的就要数孔雀开屏了,公孔雀头带蓝皇冠,穿着五光十色的“小褂子”,尾巴一翘一翘的,像一把“大扫帚”,真是令我惊叹不已,太美了,哇!我兴奋地叫道:“快看,孔雀开屏了。”,孔雀的尾巴徐徐张开,一扇一扇,像一位小仙女在翩翩起舞,羽毛上的斑点像一个个小眼睛,在阳光的衬托下显得格外耀眼,孔雀缓缓转动起来,在展现它的风姿,并且发出吱吱的叫声,“真像仙女下凡啊!”我情不自尽地赞叹道。


动物的英语作文 篇4

  Elephant. It is the reason that the nostrils are tender and tender. It's like worms fear into the nostrils, so when it sleeps, always put the nose up high, sometimes simply put the nose into the mouth gently with.

  Dog. When you go to bed, you always keep one ear close to the ground. This is because the ground sound much faster than through air, to the ear to can call to the distant sound of the slightest movement, sleeping dogs wake up. So, in the event before the earthquake, when people are not what a dog, often with a sound and agitated, kept jumping at.

  Cattle and sheep. The mouths of the sleeping cows and sheep are always chewing. In the past, they didn't chew enough when they were eating grass during the day, so when they were sleeping at night, they could chew them again and then swallow them in the stomach. This phenomenon is called ruminating.

  Mandarin Duck。 They are regarded as symbols of love, and they are very loving between "couples". During the daytime they together, to go to bed at night, the male right left masked female, the female is in the left right concealed male, described as "Tongzhengongmian".

动物的英语作文 篇5

  Please love our animals, we have a lot of animals around us, such as: stray dogs, stray cats, etc. They have also been favored, and now why they wandering out, that is not because we humans? We put them away from the side, one by the owner only abandoned the little mind how to think, humans have not thought about their life and death. Some people are sad because of a dead bird, but no one to control the animals around. I want to say, "Please take care of the animals around us, keep them healthy and happy, let them have a warm home!"


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