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我的假期英语作文 篇1

  In the scorching sun of the day in the morning, I looked out the window, the window clear, without a cloud, where this heat is cool? Hit me: "why don't 'water park to play? Can let my father taught me to swim!" Dad came back, after my repeated requests, he finally agreed. After lunch, I make a phone call with my sister about good, after 4 o 'clock in the afternoon, the sun is happy and excited. The "water park", can not but looked inside: ah, there were so many people! I dare say, in the "water park", is no one no one square metre. I can't wait for the swimsuit, jumped into a swimming pool. In the swimming pool to play for a while, just to find father, let he taught us to swim. In a relatively deep in the water, we find him.

  Father first teach elder sister, when sister learned about, he taught me. He let me use the arm to knee, breath in the water, feeling like a lost of earth's gravity, a stimulus, it is quite comfortable. Do this action, let me let go of the hands and feet together, and breath in the water, I have done, my father let me repeat just a second, and then just like swimming strokes, after I finished, only to find that... Yeah, I can with hands and feet off the ground and move forward, I succeeded! "All this is my father taught me, I grew up must repay my dear father!" I want to.

  We are happy playing in the shallow pool for a while, went home, say the truth, I really some loathe to give up go! The sunset sunset, I also went home. Mother gave me the door prepared meals, meal, sleep at night, also in silently looking forward to the arrival of the happy time next time.





我的假期英语作文 篇2

  In my vacation,I went to my aunt's house.I miss her really much and I was so excited to see her.I had a lot of fun with my aunt,she taught me how to cook.It was kind hot where my aunt lives,so I stayed at her house for the most of the time.I had so much fun,can't wait to visit her again!


我的假期英语作文 篇3

  winner vacation

  I have a good winner vacation!

  In my winner vacation ,I often did my homework, and helped my mother clean rooms.

  I sometimes went shopping with my friends . We had a good time! I also watched TV and played computer games. During Spring Festival ,I visited my grandparents.

  I was very happy ,I think my winner vacation was very interesting!~

我的假期英语作文 篇4

  My summer holiday is coming soon, I start to make some plans about my vacation. I go to travel every year, this time, I want to travel to Tibet, it is the place I always want to go to. I have heard about Tibet many times, my mother’s friends tell me so many wonderful things in it, so I want to go to Tibet. This summer I will go to Tibet.


我的假期英语作文 篇5

  It is known to everyone:Oct,1st is our National Day.At this day I went to street and saw something.Now I will tell you! At 8:00 I got up and went bus station with my mother .O my god there were so many people!With difficult we got up the bus and felt very crowed.The traffic was so bad too!I cost nearly 1 hour that we arrived the center of street.What were worse there were even more people!In my opinion it was not very interesting to come out at this day!Nest time I prefer to stay at home and study!

我的假期英语作文 篇6

  Here comes the summer holiday, I have planned a busy schedule on it。


  Firstly, I will find a part time job, probably work in a factory which is near my home, so that I can accompany with my parents。 Secondly, I have joined a violin course in the previous time, because I have interest on it。 therefore, I will do more practice at home by myself。 As an old saying goes, practice makes perfect。 At the end of the holiday, it’s time for me to have a good time。 I tend to go on a trip with my friends, maybe Yunnan or other wonderful places。 Travel to the place I have never been to certainly can broaden my mine。


  Make a good plan and enjoy it。 I hope we all can have a meaningful holiday。


我的假期英语作文 篇7

  我的假期 My Holiday

  I have a two months summer vacation。 During the holiday, I was very happy, because I did not have to focus on my study all the time。 But I still spent some time in my study。 I want to learn more in the holiday。 Besides, I spent a lot of time in playing, such as meeting friends, watching TV, searching the Internet, playing puter games and so on。 In addition, I help my mother do some house work。 I can reduce some burden of her and learn to be independent。 In short, I have a good and rich holiday。


我的假期英语作文 篇8

  Today, my parents took me to my grandfather’s home. I talked with my grandfather for a little while and then I played with my brothers and sisters. After a while, my elderly brother suggested going to the park and having a rest. “That’s a good idea.” I said. Then we prepared for the outing. However, after lunch, the sky turned dark and rained heavily. Therefore, our plan was an impossible due to the bad weather. How pity it was! All the afternoon, we could only have fun in house. We played cards, watched TV and played computer games. We were happy, but we still hoped that we can go out next time.



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