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  Hello everyone, my name is moon. Hearing this familiar name, you will surely think of Chang moth running to the moon. Let's wait for the story of Wu Gang's felling GUI! Ha ha, actually, my real name is the moon, and I have Chang moth. Chan Juan "Gu rabbit" and dozens of other good names! They are all ancient and modern poets. I got it from the singer and some poets. How numerous!


  Now, let me introduce myself!


  To the human eye, I'm only the size of a plate. In fact, I am a huge sphere. My radius is about 1737400 meters. Is an irregular sphere, although there is such a large, but with the earth. Compared with the sun, I am like a boat in the vast sea. The reason why I am only the size of a plate in human eyes. It's because of my distance from the earth. Now let me answer that question.


  I am the nearest natural satellite on the earth. I am 384400 meters away from the earth. Some people will be surprised that "the nearest celestial body is so far away from the earth!" Yeah! So what we see on earth is only the size of a plate. I'm too close to you. What you see on the earth is that I can cover the sky with one hand, so I lose my gentle and kind side. It's easy for you to visit me.


  Not only that, but I have a place to surprise you! This includes my surface temperature. Let's talk about the surface temperature! Do you know why Armstrong put on a spacesuit to make close contact with me in space? This is because the temperature difference of my surface area is very large, the highest temperature is above 150 degrees, and the lowest temperature is about - 120 degrees. If you don't wear a spacesuit, you will be burned, or you will be frozen into ice! Ha ha, I'm afraid to hear that! Don't be afraid. Now the technology is very developed. The spacesuit has the functions of heat insulation and heat preservation. With it, you won't be scorched or frozen by my temperature.


  For a long time, let me talk with you about the similarities between me and the earth! In addition to the distance from the sun, there are many similar places. Now let me give you a few examples!


  Like the earth, I am an irregular sphere. I am a little wider at the equator. For a sphere with flat poles, my oblateness is 0. 006, so what you see on the earth is that I am a circle. Now, human beings have invented many tools to observe me, but most of them can't find that I am an irregular sphere. For the above: "I see a circle on earth." Someone will ask, "but the moon I usually see is a bow or a semicircle?" This is because the sun has covered part of me. In fact, you see that I am a circle. On the mid autumn festival every year, you will see a round me.


  In addition to the oblateness, there is also my rotation period. My average rotation period is 27. 32166 days, only about 2 days less than the average rotation period of the earth, which can prove that there are many similarities between me and the earth. Because of these characteristics, people call me the daughter of the earth, which is unreasonable, because it is older than me? Now it's a legal society, not one that can be solved by volume and force. It's acceptable to say she's my sister, but For this matter, I cried for several months. I washed my face with tears all day. My eyes were swollen and my body was thin. Later, I found that crying was a good way to lose weight.


  In my dark, endless, lonely planet, there are many legends. The most representative is Chang moth running to the moon. As soon as Wu felled GUI, I won't tell you all about it here! In order to commemorate me, people regard August 15 as the mid autumn festival every year. On this day, the moon is very big. Circle. Bright. It's a good day for people to eat mooncakes and make lanterns. Here comes another story about the moon cake uprising of Zhu Yuanzhang


  People explore me because I have a lot of available resources. Next, let me tell you one by one.


  I have abundant mineral resources to use. "In the 21st-22nd century, human beings will immigrate to the earth and build a moon village," he said. The moon village will use solar energy for heating and water found on the moon to produce vegetables. Food and various living facilities. The moon village's important task is to mine helium and use the earth as a thermal energy to generate electricity to supply the world's electricity. We will also develop tourism on earth to visit the moon village. " There's no reason to talk. There's still a record of people visiting me!


  In 1969, American Armstrong came to me on Saturn 5. He first collected samples of lunar soil and rocks. Then I set up a monument with some earth characters written on it, which I didn't recognize and didn't care. He took out the camera and installed it on the moon. He installed a solar wind measuring device to detect cosmic rays. He installed a lunar seismograph to measure the lunar tremor. Later, he put in the stars and stripes. The exact time is 11:56:20 on July 21, 1969, which is a great time.


  After decades, Chinese Yang Liwei. Nie Haisheng. Fei Junlong's three men also came to space one after another, which proves that China's development speed is very fast


  This year, Japan launched another moon goddess satellite. Its mission is to observe and send signals to the base on earth, and report my situation to the base at all times.


  Soon after that, China also launched another moon orbiting satellite, Chang'e-1, which is a good witness of the Chinese people's admiration for science.


  I'm done introducing. I believe you must know something about me! I hope you will visit me often and stay with me!


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